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Mark down 8 February 2016, because it’s the first day of the Lunar New Year. We promised you the 5 must-know Golden Week real estate selling tips in our “Time for the Hot Leads” post so you can be prepared for the next week’s campaign.

In collaboration with our partner Juwai, here are some tips for marketing to Chinese property hunters during Golden Week:

1. Start now

Chinese buyers are savvy investors who actively research online before deciding on a destination, as well as who to contact upon arrival. Having your listings updated and ready for online perusal early is very important.

2. Think differently

Chinese property hunters come from a very different culture with differing perspectives. This makes them very unlike your local buyers, so rethink the content on your listings and marketing materials. Does the copy appeal to a Chinese buyer’s mindset? Does it feature nearby attractions and conveniences? These are but some of the aspects you need to reevaluate ahead of time.

3. Do the legwork

Let’s face it, a lot of pertinent information can only be discovered upon arrival. This is where you could offer invaluable assistance, such as breaking down the ROI for them, or summarising important information regarding immigration, financial, tax, and legal systems in your country. Such initiatives are time consuming, but could pay off very well indeed.

4. Put them at ease

What can you do to help make them feel more comfortable investing in a foreign city? Consider offering the services of a Chinese interpreter, or be their personal tour guide around the city so they could better understand the lifestyle offered. Most importantly, listen to what they want in a property, answer questions patiently, and give them time and space to decide – this helps instill trust and confidence in you as their agent.

5. Keep in touch

As with most international clients, some Chinese buyers need more time. However, even if they don’t immediately close the deal, there’s no harm in getting in touch after they’ve left your country, such as sending them potential properties of interest regularly or sincere wishes for the holidays.

Good luck, agents!

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Tomorrow marks the very last day of 2015, a great year that delivered several major milestones for us here, at the Real Estate Channel. One of them being our partnership with Juwai, our “window” for customers behind The Great Firewall of China that provides consumers fast access to your listings with us.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.25.24 PM

The access to the exclusive audience of 1.5 million top Chinese consumers on the daily basis gives the huge marketing advantage to our customers and we keep proving that with the hot leads that are coming in every single day. We may be just a day away before we reach the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s downtime for international agents and for us here at the Real Estate Channel. Rather, it’s time to gear up because while the rest of the world were winding down for the holidays, The Asian Buyers are wasting no time in researching where to travel – and property hunt – during their upcoming Lunar New Year Golden Week holidays in February. So if you’ve been targeting this window of opportunity to market to Chinese buyers, it’s time for you to shape up now. Stay tuned for the tips on how to be prepared for the upcoming Golden Week and in the meantime, check out our services, as Juwai syndication is included, or give us a call at 1-877-843-3218 ext. 1

According to CNW and Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), age and experience account for the biggest differences when it comes to consumers’ confidence when buying and selling real estate in Ontario. 

Lets take a closer look at the survey:

Real Estate Council of Ontario-Real Estate Council of Ontario su


Age differences – The survey shows that the major concerns of Ontarians vary significantly among different age groups.

The survey revealed that 70 per cent of young people (ages 18-34) are anxious about not being properly informed about the buying or selling process. Other top concerns are centered on affordability:

  • 84 per cent worry that they won’t be able to afford the home they would like to buy.
  • 76 per cent report they are concerned about affording possible costs of home repairs and renovations.
  • 60 per cent weren’t sure if they could afford monthly mortgage payments on the home they buy.
  • 68 per cent are concerned about being outbid by others.

Ontarians aged 35-54, many of whom have already bought and sold their first homes, have fewer concerns than younger respondents. Their biggest concerns are very different from the other groups.

  • They are the most concerned with how long their home will sit on the market when they go to sell (57 per cent).
  • 42 per cent are concerned about whether to buy their new home before selling their current home.
  • This age group is less concerned (52 per cent) that the real estate bubble will burst than younger people.

Overall, survey respondents aged 55 and older were the most confident in their knowledge of the home buying process (95 per cent) and have the fewest concerns compared to the other age categories.

  • They are the least concerned about making poor financial decisions because they were not well informed (33 per cent) and being able to afford mortgage payments (15 per cent).
  • However, almost seven in ten boomers and seniors are concerned about getting the most value from their current home, while almost half (48 per cent) worry about the real estate bubble bursting.

Geographic differences – The survey also revealed that top concerns varied across regions:

  • Respondents in the GTA are the most concerned that the real estate bubble will burst (64 per cent).
  • The survey shows that residents in southwestern Ontario and eastern Ontario are the least concerned about being able to afford monthly mortgage payments (35 per cent and 33 per cent respectively).
  • Eastern Ontario respondents are more concerned with how long their current home will sit on the market (62 per cent).
  • Respondents from northern Ontario are the most concerned of all regions about the rise in closing costs (92 per cent)

Changes in the real estate market – Whether it’s a first-time buyer or someone more experienced with the process, Ontarians agree that the real estate market has changed in the last five years.

  • More than half (56 per cent) of Ontarians think that the process of buying and selling a home has gotten more complicated over the last five years, while 70 per cent think the financial risks have increased.
  • 90 per cent state that technologies like online searches, documents and payments have changed the real estate market.

Finding the right registered real estate professional – Part of making the right real estate decision is working with the right real estate professional for your needs. Word-of-mouth from friends and family is how nearly two thirds (58 per cent) of Ontarians find and select a real estate professional.

  • Almost one third (30 per cent) of Ontarians use online search while 15 per cent still refer to real estate professional lawn signs.
  • One in ten (9 per cent) of Ontarians did not do any research at all.

About the survey
From October 21 to October 26, 2015 an online survey was conducted among 800 randomly selected Ontario adults who have either purchased their home in the past 2 years or are planning to buy a home in the next two years, and who are Angus Reid Forum panelists. The margin of error—which measures sampling variability—is +/- 3.46%, 19 times out of 20. The results have been statistically weighted on age, gender, and region to be as representative as possible of recent and imminent home buyers. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding.

SOURCE Real Estate Council of Ontario and CNW.



This time we are showcasing the listing from the East Side of Canada and it is a custom designed French Chateau!


Location: Markham ON

Price: $4,288,000


Prestigious Cachet Estates presents an exquisite custom designed French chateau with all the bells & whistles! Approximately 10 foot ceilings, grand foyer, majestic custom designed Clive Christian inspired kitchen, 5 plus 1 bright bedrooms with ensuites, elegant chandeliers, custom closets, and 5-car tandem garage. Finished recreational-style lower level with 9 foot ceilings includes media room, kitchenette, nannys or inlaws quarters, exercise room and so much more.


All images courtesy of Politis Brienza Team

Would you like to find out more? It is listed with the Politis Brienza Team at a price of $4,288,000 Canadian dollars.

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We start our #FeatureFriday section to celebrate residential architecture around the world. Every Friday we will feature a House of the Week for your viewing pleasure.

To kick off the series, we will begin with a property in Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC.


Location: Vancouver BC

Price: $10,000,000


The Coal Harbor Waterfront neighborhood of Vancouver is one of the city’s most expensive and luxurious areas and The Escala is one of the most sought after properties in Coal Harbour and it’s proximity to the waterfront, marina and spectacular views are exceptional. 270 degree West, North & South views make each window the perfect picture. This half floor sub penthouse was customized at time of inception with all the expected upgrades. Designer kitchen, high end appliances, porcelain flooring, tasteful wall coverings & paint. The floor plan was created for luxury living and entertaining. A perfect lifestyle, 24 hour concierge service with 3 parking spaces including a 2 car enclosed garage, large storage, pool, spa, exercise room and everything downtown Vancouver has to offer.

550-2 550-3 550-4 550-5 550-6 550-7 550-8 550-9 550-10 550-11 550-12 550-13 550-14 550-15 550-16 550-17 550-18 550-19 550-20 550All images courtesy of The Today Team

Would you like to find out more? It is listed with The Today Team agents at a price of $10 million Canadian dollars.

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