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Today, using Matterport‘s hardware is particulary compelling for real estate. Ever since it was introduced to the market, it changed the face of standard real estate marketing and selling techniques. Essentially, it is an equivalent of photography for 3-D spaces: it can make a dimensionally accurate full colour model of any space. This means bringing virtual reality to real estate and giving you the experience of being there. These 3-D tours allow buyers to virtually walk through a home. They would have complete control over what direction they wish to take when touring the home, while being able to look in any direction. They can look up to see light fixtures, down to see flooring, or focus on details such as the faucet in the bathroom, or hardware on the kitchen cabinetry. They can move up and down staircases, experience views from a loft or through windows, and even view a home’s floor plan. The 3-D galleries can be viewed on any computer or device and buyers can see what a particular property on the market has to offer.


The process of creating a tour is straightforward: we bring the camera in, put it in a few different locations in a room and the system automatically stitches together the 3-D model. An interactive tour can be produced in 24 to 48 hours, or even less, depending on the size of the space. A thousand square feet requires 30 minutes of shooting time plus processing time of a few hours to produce a digital tour which could be distributed and embedded just like any video.

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In addition, Real Estate Channel now offers HD Photography and Video Services that are accessible & affordable for industry professionals.

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Our partners at Juwai reflected on the financial impact of QDII2 on Global Property Markets. With QDII2, the Chinese government proposes taking a significant step towards removing restrictions on the export of privately held capital. estimates QDII2 –if rolled out nationally– could theoretically deliver as much as US$2.3 trillion to international residential real estate markets alone. Take a look at the table below which reveals the size of likely capital flows to real estate in leading destination countries at allocations of just 5 percent:


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 4.15.49 PM

* US Dollars. When just 5% of wealth is dedicated to international real estate markets.
** Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau. Source:, Financial Times


International property gives Chinese investors the additional benefits of enabling them to diversify their risks, and is attractive to buyers motivated by investment, education, lifestyle and emigration:

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 4.35.59 PM


QDII2 Facts:

QDII2 will remove a barrier that has limited overseas real estate purchases, and help China get closer to its goal of allowing investors to freely transfer money in and out of the country.

The country started on this path in 2001, when it joined the World Trade Organization.

The abbreviation, “QDII2”, stands for the Qualified Domestic Individual Investor program. The number “2” in the name distinguishes it from an early program with the same initials, the Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor program, or QDII.

Some QDII2 Facts:

First to be rolled out in six cities across China.

Expected to be formally announced in June by China’s State Council, or cabinet.

To enable Chinese individuals to buy overseas real estate, stocks and bonds directly.

Individuals holding assets of at least RMB1m (US$161,000) will be able to participate.

Individuals will be able to invest as much as half of their assets overseas.

Will be limited by an overall quota that places a ceiling on the total amount allowed to be invested via the program. This quota is expected to grow over time.

Corporate investors will be permitted to purchase overseas assets up to $1 billion in value, up from the current limit of $300 million.



The Real Estate Channel is pleased to announce in cooperation with Vancity Buzz and Novus TV the official launch of The Real Houses of Vancouver. The first episode will air today, on June 10th!

RHOV is an awesome journey through the most ‘entertaining’ properties on the market through the eyes of a real Vancouverite. From luxurious, custom built mansions, to the cribs of local celebrities, and even the downright unusual, The Real Houses of Vancouver highlights properties in the Lower Mainland that truly stand out from the crowd of cookie-cutters. Host Alyssa Dawson was born and raised just outside one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets – Vancouver. Alyssa began traveling the world at the tender age of 14, keeping an eye out for the most luxurious and quirky properties she could find. Returning to Vancouver, this passion for prime properties translated into finding the best of the best in her hometown’s real estate market.

Join Alyssa and the RHOV crew as they hunt for, and explore, prime properties in Vancouver.

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How do you increase the value of your property? Most real estate experts agree the best way to do this is to renovate and upgrade the home. Typically the kitchen and bathrooms top the list for requiring priority attention. Though kitchen & bathrooms renovations also tend to be the most costly.

So in deciding where to begin one needs to determine where one can leverage the most dollar value congruent with their goals. Also, what upgrades can one afford. Perhaps you have an older home that requires attention in certain areas, whether or not you are selling. Or indeed it has come time for you to sell and the home needs to become more attractive to buyers. But what if you are on a tight budget?

If kitchen and bathroom renovations are too costly the next consideration is the floors and walls, which carry throughout the home and inspires an impression. It’s useful to research what the trends are for flooring and wall finishes, and what solutions are workable in your budget to achieve a maximum lasting impression. Though maybe solutions are even more subtler than that? Which brings us to a client’s true story….

When their family settled in Calgary, being recent Russian immigrants they hardly knew any english and there was not a lot of money. After a time they were needing to sell their home so they set out to beautify it. Their main choice of focus was the backyard. They gathered large river rocks and set out to make a type of ‘serenity garden.’ The very first buyers that came to the home just happened upon the yard first. Upon viewing the yard and revelling this serenity garden, the lady of the buying couple said ‘I don’t even want to see the inside. I want this home.’ And it was sold. This is a totally true story.

Obviously we can’t always rely on serendipity to sell a home. But one can find very creative solutions to create an impression, thus increasing the value. So perhaps a budget savvy solution requires different questions? Such as, what would make me want to buy my home? How can I make my home reflect that it’s loved and cared for? What could really make this home more pleasing to the eye? Where can I make my home reflect more light & clean lines?

It could be that when your goal is to increase the value of your home on a budget, your maximum investment lies in choosing a focus, and invoking what you genuinely want your home to say about what it has meant to you.

Power Househunting With Juwai

February 18th, 2015

Juwai:REC flyerWe’re just a day away from the 2015 Year of the Goat, and millions of Chinese citizens are travelling abroad this Golden Week and while they’re away, they’ll buy property. Better known as “Fly ‘n Buy” customers, these Chinese property hunters generally have limited time but plenty of cash, and are able and willing to make snap decisions on buying a property. Our source at Juwai tells us that “they’ve seen monthly visits on go from 1.5 million to 2.5 million, and news of wealthy Chinese investors buying million-dollars homes sight unseen and Chinese luxury property transactions completed entirely via social media have become the stuff of legends amongst property agents and brokers”.
Such an enormous spike in activity is hard to ignore, so don’t waste a minute and take the steps to market to Chinese buyers on Juwai with Real Estate Channel as it’s included in our subscription package.