Michael Lipnitsky


For the purpose of investment one would prefer to have profit from two sources rather then one. Generally, the investors in residential real estate buy properties with the sight of future appreciation for resale.

When those units rented the rent generally covers the costs of mortgage at best. However, if the location is appropriate and central, one can turn their unit into a furnished rental suit for corporate rentals. This arrangement practically doubles the inflow of revenue. So what are those locations? Their range is fairly limited to downtown Vancouver. Within downtown Vancouver not all locations are best suited for the task. Here are some rules to follow:

The location must be central
Walking distance from shopping mall
Close to corporate center of the city
The location must be safe, no troubled spots around
The lobby should look in hotel like manner
The location does not have to be in the affluent area
The location does not have to be close to the beach or park


It is probably the only City in the world where you can on the same day go downhill skiing in world class slopes and swimming in the ocean
It is the most livable City on Earth as of 2008
Everything is walking distance in Vancouver so you don’t have to spend your precious health, time and gasoline to commute to work
It is the busiest port in the North American Pacific which has grown by 20% in the last three years
It is a main corporate center of Western Canada, gateway for Canadian oil, copper, forestry, other raw materials to the Pacific Rim countries
It is a City of choice for Pacific Rim investors
It is a place of choice for the investors who deal with forestry, oil, diamonds, gold and other raw materials
The vacancy rate in Vancouver is 0.3% and it has being like that since late 1980s. There is consistent lack of housing in Vancouver. There are consistently more people wishing to live in Vancouver then there is housing on the market.
There are not enough hotel rooms in Vancouver as well so you can successfully rent your property out for a hotel room rates.
The median price in Vancouver is around $700 per sq. ft. while, say, in London, England it is $3000 per sq. ft. Why this comparison? Because what Russian and Indian Capital did to London, Pacific Rim Capital is doing to Vancouver. So it is long way to go.
And finally, the real estate market in Vancouver has been consistently growing for the past two decades. Although the past performance is no guarantee of future results, with a vacancy rate around zero it is hard to anticipate any but upward trend in the market.


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